PC Maintenance Tips

1. Maintain A Clean Desktop

If you have large files on your Desktop it makes your system slow.  Also, make sure your recycle bin is empty. For cleaning up a desktop, you can either use desktop cleanup wizard or do so manually. (On a larger scale, Defragmentation is a good way to clean your PC’s entire hard drive)

2. Have A Good Malware Scanner

Different from a virus, many Anti-virus programs do not scan for malware.  Malware is software that poses as something else and is installed by the user without their knowledge.

3. Routine Software Checks

Unpatched versions of a program can leave an entire system vulnerable to attack from malware, viruses, and hackers. It is important to regularly check for software updates and run them immediately.  (A good practice is to run these updates during a lunch break, that way it won’t interfere with the workday.)

4. Back It Up!

You don’t need to back up every file that was ever loaded to your computer, but it is a very good idea to backup all files that are super important for your business.  You can do this either using an external hard drive, a cloud based dropbox, or an offsite backup system.

5. Update Your Antivirus

Even more vital than updating regular software, your computers antivirus is the systems last line of defense against an outside attack.  It’s important to constantly update so that your antivirus is prepared to detect the newest threats out there.